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. why doesn't he moved to israel and joined the knesset because many of us don't feel like he feels about israel and their politicians should not have to be vetted by a coward like lieberman or lindsey graham. host: why are you calling them a coward? caller: it is all about israel to these clowns and i am sick of it. we give these people $3 billion per year and all they do is give us guff. that is why. host: we are taking your phone calls this morning. about foreign policy challenges in 2013. this is the opening section of "usa today" - >there are other stories in noting that the former senator, chuck hagel, when he was in office, approved about $38 billion in aid for the jewish state along with multiple trips to beat -- to meet with leaders there. that is a little bit of background on chuck hagel. david, indianapolis, democratic caller -- caller: good morning. i wanted to comment on the changes in the foreign policy that we will see. i agree with the last speaker, i believe the israelis need to be rained down. these guys used hawks, they elect hawks to take over their government an
of israel. let me share with you when -- one wuote -- in the end, if nothing works, the president will use military power against iran. i am sure of it. that is an interview with shimon peres, the discussion of u.s.- israeli relations and the situation in iran. that is available online as well. let's go back to your calls on the issue of congress being bypassed to raise the debt limit. the hill newspaper, a letter written by senate democrats -- they sent a letter to the president saying at if republicans in congress threatened to shut down the federal government, the president should invoke section 4 of the 14th amendment and raise the debt ceiling by himself sean joins us from scotch plains, new jersey. caller: hello, it is john. the president can invoke the 14th amendment. there is a thing in 1941, 3102 puts the trigger on the 14th amendment. the president has it within his ability and right to do such, but additionally, under george w. bush, he invoked, he signed into law a presidential directive number 20, and there's a section in their that also assists, the helping out for making sur
to lure back the well-founded, aggressive campaign that has saw to depict him as an anti-israel, homophobic politicians eager to get the pentagon's budget. pushback during meetings appears to have been effective, said an official helping him to prepare for the hearing. the effort to vilify hagel and his record as remain at a bus but has not reached the type of crescendo that has doomed high- profile political nominations in the past. 'we have had a very impressive strategy for tackling some of the issues that have been raised,' the hagel aide said on wednesday, speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss the nomination's outlook. that is not to say that the confirmation is a foregone conclusion, supporters concede. critics have piled on to the initial critiques with charges that hagel's ties to defense contractors and other private sector firms may create conflict of interest. senator carl levin, the chair of the senate armed services committee, says that hagel will face tough questions about his past demands. democrats outnumber republicans on the panel 14-12, but committ
. guest;: gcritics of hagel have thinkery pro-israel, who he is not sufficiently committed to israel. another group thinks he has not drawn hard enough lines against iran and its nuclear program. others think he is too soft on a rant -- on iran. as come from a moderate, realist wing of the republican party, -- he does come from a moderate, realist wing of the republican party. brent go kroft -- brent scowcroft has come out in support of hagel. it is realist and it is cautious. that probably comports with the obama doctrine he -- we have talked about. we need to be cautious about overextending ourselves. i think chuck hagel will be commensurate with that view. host: and syria? caller: i feel like they base what they say based on substantiated evidence. on syria, why is it that we -- they have written that 50% of the syrian people support assad. they have written about egypt. i think it was egypt, saudi arabia, turkey, and iran trying to form a group to communicate with assad. host: who is "they"? caller: syria, egypt, saudi arabia -- it was iran and turkey would sit down with assad ab
of defense would be the most antagonistic secretary of defense for the state of israel in the nations history. he has said you should negotiate with iran. sanctions will not work. israel should negotiate with hamas. he also is one of 12 senators who refused to sign a letter with the european union to designate hezbollah as a terrorist organization. he has severed his ties with the republican party. this is an in-your-face nomination by the president. i do not know what his management experience is regarding the pentagon. it is a controversial choice. the second term of obama will be an in-your-face term. i will not talk to you about the debt ceiling. here is my secretary of defense nominee. >> senator graham on cnn yesterday. the headline in "the wall str eet ounjournal." -- --"ysusa today" here is an ad in "the washington post" -- what do you think about spending and whether it should be tied to a debt limit increase? that is our question for you this morning. john, california, republican. caller: the debt ceiling should be frozen. c-span and any other public speaker on the airways should ma
not get involved with iran despite israel. he said that is the legacy that he wants, that we would stop violence from happening without going in and stop creating our own violence in those places. so that's one area that's a point of controversy with republicans. how aggressive we get in defense of israel. host: the resources of defense secretary and secretary of state speech to that? guest: people say that his secretary of defense choice speaks to that. now i think both people will be confirmed. john kerry is certainly someone who the senator coley? of a lot more than secretary rice, the u.n. secretary wh o was very controversial. senator john kerry is much beloved by everybody and capitol hill and even john mccain said he would endorse him. so that will go through without controversy. i think both of these men will be confirmed previously. but people don't think the secretary of defense choice is a signal maybe we will not be as aggressive as some with light in defending israel. host: that is chuck hagel. minimum wage, you expect such issues to come up? guest: first, one of the things
it enhance u.s. security but also is doing right by the people of syria and neighbors like israel that will be profoundly affected by it. if so it is true sometimes we don't just shoot from the hip. host: we are taking your calls in this first segment this morning, your thoughts on america's role on the world stage. your assessment of the last four years and what you think america's role will be in the next four years of the obama administration. some spots on facebook -- so we will take your calls all morning on this. also, if you commentary pieces on america's role in the world. this from the front page of the washington times this morning, is the changing of the guard. it is by oliver north. also, in the washington post, today. robert samuelson has a piece called "american century." liz from rockville, maryland, on the democratic line. caller: good morning. i am glad that the wars have ended, but i'm seeing and imperialist role of the u.s. in the world. if there is a humanitarian crisis, it is justifiable to enter the country to stop the government from doing that. but if its i
lines. australia, canada, and denmark, as well as finland, germany, france, israel, japan, the netherlands, norway, poland, romania, sweden, and switzerland. these are countries that allow women to serve in close combat roles. the story from "the new york times" -- that.n read more from adamant joins us from north carolina. good morning. -- edmond joins us from north carolina. good morning. caller:, for taking my call. i am an army veteran, and we have a daughter serving overseas. she is stationed in italy right now. just like my wife, she is strong and everything, but i do not see her in combat roles. i'm not trying to down women at all. physically day in and day out, as the rain kept on a saying, it would take extreme tolls on a woman -- the marine kept on saying, it would take extreme tolls on women. most times, a male soldier will end up pulling some slack over time -- day in and day out. the last, it -- comment is, i'm not sure that this is just some weakening of the military system. the economy is on the brink. now we may be going to this different type of military.
headlines, this from israel. prime minister benjamin netanyahu wins, but it takes a big hit. israel was thrown into political chaos in iraq after and his party suffered a setback in the nation's first elected in four years, but his party did win. he does retain his position. that's the doorpost. another international story. russia is ready with talks -- for talks with syrian opposition. russia said yesterday it is preparing to enter into discussions with syrian opposition groups as moscow evacuated more than 80 russian citizens from syria. tore asking your device republicans for a second obama term. what do you think they should do? a say inat sam rockville, maryland, on our independent line. caller: i like the idea of the republicans saying there should be no pay if they don't actually pass a budget. one of the difficulties has to do with the 27th amendment, changes in their pay. the penalty for them should be a little bit simpler. that would be to suggest their federal income tax should be doubled if they don't. pastor don't that way it does not play around with the 27 commandment
that was not discussed a lot was regional differences. we spoke with steve israel, a democrat from new york who represents a district on long island, it is an affluent mr. perry asked him if he agrees with the threshold obama supports, he said no, he would like more than $400,000. he said if you make $250,000 in long island compared with the same in louisiana, it's different. there was no talk of changing it based on regional differences. maybe there will be something discussed in 2013. host: in missouri, democratic caller, randy. caller: hi. i am looking forward to the filibuster activity that will take place under the new congress in the senate. second, you guys in the media, you report on the debt ceiling hostage-taking as if it's a political game. as will affect all of america in drastic ways. last, any member or members of congress that [indiscernible] of the public that, they should be impeached under the 14th amendment of the constitution. any media organization that promotes such reckless actions should be charged with insurrection. people reporting on this as though it is some politica
to protect the homeland, protect the children back home, and we keep using the excuse that israel has women. why do we just not bring our troops home and protect them here? i do not understand why you need equalization. i would see if they were coming at us here, but overseas it makes no sense to me. guest: we do have a civilian controlled military, and it is the president who chooses whether we engage in congress is authorizing those engagements. i encourage anyone who disagrees to take part in the political process. host: roger, florida, retired military. tell us about your military service. caller: i served in infantry units and psychological operation units. the infantry units were male, and the psychological operation units were integrated. sergeant williams, i want to see why for your service. -- thank you for your service. i know there were overall standards for soldiers diminished when there were women and men. i got out in 1995, and i assume it is the same way with one set of standards for men and one set for women. i'll be the best example is the army physical fitness test -- prob
of his views on israel and iran. officials said he had not formally offered the job but others familiar said it could come monday. also this morning, a story on the f.d.a. new changes and decisions from the f.d.a. specifically when it comes to food safety. here is stephanie strong the lead story in the new yo"new yo times" saying they proposed two sweeping rules to prevent contamination of produce and processed foods. the rules represent a sea change to the way the agency polices food a process that currently involves taking action after contamination is identified. it is a long awaited step for codifying the law congress passed two years ago. changes include requirements for better record keeping, contingency plans for handling outbreaks and spreading them. food providers would have latitude to execute the rules and farms would have to ensure water and irrigation and processors would find ways it keep fresh food. kathy, good morning. she is joining us from linesburg, michigan, on the republican line, worried about the economy. caller: good morning. i want to say that i just tkpgoy firs
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12